Bahrain press review

Manama, April 16 (BNA): The most prominent headlines of the Bahraini daily newspapers in the local news today, Sunday:

Bahrain expresses its concern about the armed clashes in Sudan

The resumption of diplomatic relations between Bahrain and Qatar serves Gulf relations and Parliament

Bahrain participates in the COPUOS meetings

The President of the Emirates is holding talks with his Brazilian counterpart

Morocco issues travel advice for Sudan

The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the United States discuss developments in Sudan

Saudi-owned aircraft come under fire at Khartoum International Airport

Egypt urges restraint in Sudan

The Organization of the Islamic Conference and the League of Arab States are calling for a cease-fire in Sudan

The Arab Parliament welcomes the exchange of prisoners in Yemen

The Secretary General of the Cooperation Council expresses his concern about the escalation and military clashes in Sudan

The Secretary-General of the United Nations urges dialogue to resolve the crisis in Sudan

Macron signs a disputed pension law as unions plan more protests


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