Bahrain hosts launch of ‘Document on Education Development in the Arab World’

Manama, June 1 (BNA) The Kingdom of Bahrain hosted today a conference to launch the “Document for the Development of Education in the Arab World”.

The “document”, which presents an integrated vision for reforming the educational system in the Arab countries in line with the requirements of the current stage and the challenges facing education in the Arab world, is in line with the belief that education is the mainstay of progress. And the cornerstone for raising conscious and informed Arab generations.

The conference was held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Supreme Council for the Development of Education and Training, under the title “Bahrain is the gateway to education development in the Arab world”. Organized by the Arab Parliament in cooperation with the Ministry of Education with the participation of heads of Arab legislative councils and parliaments and representatives of relevant organizations.

The launch of the important Arab document from Bahrain reflects the Arab and global appreciation of the Kingdom’s pioneering experience in the field of education development, as evidenced by its unprecedented educational achievements confirmed by relevant international reports and indicators.

The document is the result of great effort and extensive meetings and discussions of officials, experts and those interested in the field of education, as well as in-depth studies with relevant regional and international organizations, which reflect the extent of the countries’ interest in education and the need to strengthen joint Arab action in this vital field to ensure a better future for the Arab nation.

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The document emphasized that education is one of the most important pillars of Arab national security, and a main means to achieve sustainable development and an economy based on science and knowledge and the localization of technology.

This can be achieved through increased investment in the human element, effective use of communication and information technology, keeping pace with the requirements of the digital age, and promoting interest in developing technical and vocational education, in addition to linking its educational outputs with requirements. The requirements of society and the local and international labor market to contribute to the graduation of highly creative and competitive generations.

The document provides a set of guiding principles in the field of education development, which the Arab Parliament, in coordination with the Arab Ministers of Education and the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALECSO), will review and update the provisions contained therein within the framework of a maximum period of ten years.

The document for the development of education in the Arab world aims to contribute to the establishment of high-quality Arab educational systems that instill the values ​​of loyalty, belonging, good citizenship and dedication to work, as well as a sense of responsibility and dedication. country, which contributes to achieving progress.

The document is based on a number of general goals and principles of the educational process in the Arab world, the most prominent of which is the preservation of religious values, cultural identity and Arab civilization, in addition to conscious openness to global civilizational achievements and gains.

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She emphasized that education is a human right, and called for providing equal educational opportunities for all, ensuring compulsory and free education in public education, consolidating concepts of citizenship and tolerance, promoting the scientific method, critical thinking and developing talents, in addition to encouraging creativity and innovation.

The document stressed the need to increase spending on education, and to keep pace with the accelerating global developments regarding the development of the educational system, especially in the areas of curricula, educational systems, teaching and learning methods, and the development and rehabilitation of educational facilities. Human cadres, in addition to the localization and integration of knowledge and the technological component in all components and stages of the educational process.

The “Education Development Document in the Arab World” called for addressing the issue of brain drain in the education and training sector that the Arab world suffers from, stressing the need to find appropriate solutions to the problem of the deterioration of the quality of education. In the Arab world, and to develop the outcomes of the educational process to meet the requirements of the labor market and sustainable development.

This makes it a comprehensive document for the development of education in the Arab world. It is expected to turn into a set of initiatives and programs that will advance educational systems in the Arab world and achieve its expected goals.


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