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Cleans, sterilizes and erects all types of anesthesia equipment and components including blood gas equipment, anesthesia machines, venous and arterial pressure lines, endotracheal tubes, nasopharyngeal tubes, vaporizers, ventilators, EKG monitors, blood warmers, and infusion pumps. , etc.;
– Inspect, clean and maintain anesthesia machines on a daily basis, refill vaporizers with anesthetic agents, change sodalime, change nitrous, oxygen and air cylinders as needed, check for leaks, etc.
Performs blood gas analysis using blood gas analyzers and centrifuges to determine and monitor acidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hemoglobin, hematocrit, sodium, potassium, calcium and oxygen saturation levels in patients’ blood;
Performing quality control tests on blood gas analyzers on a daily basis;
Ensures adequate inventory of all equipment and supplies related to anesthesia machines, ventilators, monitoring equipment, pressure transducers, endotracheal tubes, spinal trays and blocks, non-narcotic drugs, etc.;
– Troubleshoot faulty equipment and repair effects by replacing various system components to isolate the problem or replace equipment;
Ensures operating rooms are properly stocked with vials of plasmalite, albumin and nitroglycerin, as needed;
– Ensures that medicines, drugs and narcotics are properly stored, cooled and properly disposed of when unusable;
Assists anesthesiologists as needed during surgery.
Place orders to ensure adequate stock and follow up with appropriate sources to ensure delivery;

Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree in a related subject
Should have 2-3 years of experience in the relevant field
The candidate must be from the United Arab Emirates
Instant appetizers are preferred
Work as a translator if needed

A leading healthcare entity in the UAE.

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