Airline easyJet cancels more than 200 flights

London, May 28 (BNA): Low-cost airline EasyJet (EZJ.L) plans to cancel more than 200 flights over the next 10 days due to airport delays and other restrictions, disrupting travel during school holidays.

The European airline has been hit by a string of problems since the removal of COVID restrictions triggered a travel revival, with many British airports struggling to recruit enough ground staff while easyJet also struggled with IT issues.

Reuters said it recently removed six seats from some A319 aircraft to reduce the number of crew needed for one.

It said in a statement on Saturday that it would cancel about 24 flights per day from London’s Gatwick Airport between May 28 and June 6. It had to cancel about 200 flights on Thursday due to an IT problem.

“We deeply regret the late notice of some of these cancellations and the inconvenience caused to customers who booked these flights, but we believe this is necessary to provide reliable services during this busy period,” she said.

“Customers are notified as of today and are given the option to rebook their flight or get a refund and can apply for compensation in line with regulations.”


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